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Jos haluat saada neuvotteluvinkkejä ja muuta kiinnostavaa neuvotteluaiheista tietoa Scotworkilta, lisää sähköpostiosoitteesi postituslistallemme alla olevasta painikkeesta.



The Real Deal

Read our musings on the issues of the day, the ones that have captured our imaginations and the ones that we feel could benefit from the art of negotiation.

7 Deadly Sins of Negotiation Preparation

Stephen White - Chairman, Scotwork

Salary Negotiation Tips

Chris Mitchell - Director, Scotwork UK

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Gone to the Dogs

Despite my reluctance, we ended up getting a new dog three weeks ago. I said I didn’t want a puppy, for obvious and smelly reasons, my daughter asked me to define puppy? I should have seen it coming and avoided the obvious signal I know, but we now have a 10-month-old adolescent dog called Grouse! Not technically a puppy but still young, crazy and cute as a button. Children are the best negotiators (even 23-year olds).

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