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The Real Deal

Read our musings on the issues of the day, the ones that have captured our imaginations and the ones that we feel could benefit from the art of negotiation.

7 Deadly Sins of Negotiation Preparation

Stephen White - Chairman, Scotwork

Salary Negotiation Tips

Chris Mitchell - Director, Scotwork UK

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A Metaphor for the Brexit Negotiations?

An interesting take on ‘bridging the gap’ came to my attention this week. The story has to be told anonymously because of client confidentiality, but the essence was a dispute over the amount of a pay-out between an insurance syndicate and a business owner after the business premises were destroyed by fire. Some of the facts surrounding the fire had made the insurers suspicious, although there was no hard evidence of fraud. Nevertheless, the insurers were reluctant to settle the claim which was close to €10 million,...

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